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What are YuCoin and how do I earn them?

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What are YuCoin?

YuCoin are YuLife’s reward currency. You can earn YuCoin by tracking your daily activity and participating in quests and Events. To view your YuCoin, open the YuLife app and you will see your balance in the upper right-hand corner.

How Do I Earn YuCoin?

You earn YuCoin just by tracking your daily steps, mindfulness minutes and cycling throughout the day. Opening the app will automatically sync your steps and minutes, and update your YuCoin. You earn YuCoin for every 2000 steps, every mile of cycling and every five minutes of mindfulness.

You can also earn YuCoin for completing quests. The amount of YuCoin you can earn will vary from quest to quest, encouraging you to complete a range of quests each week.Β 

You can boost your earn rate by taking out a Personal Policy with YuLife. In addition to this, you can earn bonus YuCoin by keeping an eye on notifications and social media for competitions and surges, as well as Events!

How Many YuCoin Can I Earn Daily?

The amount you can earn each day will depend on your YuCoin Power. To check how much you can earn in a day, head to the Yu screen and tap the gold bar beside your Yumoji.

This will show you a breakdown of how much you can earn for each activity.

What's YuCoin Power?

Your YuCoin Power is the rate with which you earn YuCoin for your daily steps, cycling and mindfulness minutes. Your power is connected to the type of coverage your employer has provided you. You are now able to increase your YuCoin Power by activating new products via the Yu screen.

How do I Redeem my YuCoin for Rewards?

To redeem your YuCoin, open the app and tap on the rewards icon in the bottom menu.Β 

Do my YuCoin expire?

Your YuCoin only expire if you don't login to the app for over a year.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please reach out to us using your in-app chat, or at :-)

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