To boost your YuCoin and challenge yourself to practice balanced wellbeing, there are challenges you can complete daily. As you complete challenges, you will advance through the Yuniverse, picking up bonus coins and rewards along the way!

To start a challenge, open the YuLife app and tap the quest icon in the bottom menu. You will start out being able to complete one challenge a day, but as you progress through the levels of the Yuniverse, you'll have the option of doing more!

Step Challenges:

To complete a step challenge, you will need to keep your phone with you during your walk/run. Make sure you have Apple Health or Google Fit downloaded before you start. Depending on your device, your steps may not sync in real time, but the challenge will still complete successfully with the correct number of steps.

If your step challenges are failing, please check your Health App Connections.

Meditation Challenges:

To complete a meditation challenge, you must first start the challenge in your YuLife app. You will have 1 hour to complete your meditation; if you complete a 10 minute or more session, the challenge will automatically finish. If you meditate for less than 10 minutes, the challenge will end and YuCoin will be rewarded at the end of the hour. That means if you'd like to do more than one session (for example, two 5 minute sessions), both will be counted towards your challenge.

After starting the challenge, open the mindfulness app of your choice. We have a fantastic partnership with Calm, but any app that syncs to Apple Health or Google Fit will also work! Record a session in your mindfulness app, being sure to complete during your 1 hour challenge window. After the session has ended, you can go back to the YuLife app and will see that the challenge has completed (unless you record less than ten minutes, in which case the challenge will end at the end of the hour timer).

If your meditation challenges are failing, please first check to make sure the minutes were recorded in Apple Health or Google Fit. If they do not appear there, they will not sync to YuLife. If the minutes are not appearing, you can double check your Health App Connections.

If you believe your challenges are not tracking correctly, or have any questions about syncing with other apps, please contact our customer team, who will be happy to get you sorted!

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