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Daily Activity πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Learn about Daily Steps, Mindfulness Minutes and Cycling and how they can earn you YuCoin.

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In the YuLife app, you earn rewards for the steps you take, mindfulness minutes you spend, and cycling journeys you make throughout the day. Every 2000 steps, 5 mins of mindfulness or 1.6km of cycling earns you YuCoin. These daily activities cap at 12,000 steps, 30 mindfulness minutes and 9.6km of cycling.

Your steps, minutes and cycling will track in the background, but you must open the YuLife app for them to update. If you do not open the app for a 25 day period, you will lose any activity from that time.

Daily steps, mindfulness minutes and cycling are pulled throughout the day from Apple Health or Google Fit. If the numbers vary slightly, check back the next morning, as steps and cycling continue to pull until midnight.

If you are using Samsung Health, you will be able to pull your steps through, but will need to connect to Google Fit in order to collect YuCoin for Fiit and mindfulness minutes.

If you're not sure you are properly connected to your health app, you can find instructions on how to check here.

​If you have any questions or run into any issues, please reach out to us using your in-app chat, or at :-)

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