The Yu screen is all about, well, you! On the Yu screen, you can view all the details about your current coverage, earn rate, and more! In this article, we will take a look at all the sections of the Yu screen.


Your Yumoji is your avatar for the Yuniverse. If you are opted in to your company leaderboard, you Yumoji will be visible to your team. Earn a top-3 spot on the leaderboard to see your Yumoji displayed on the pedestal!

To edit your appearance, simply tap your Yumoji. First you will be prompted to select a body type, and the you can use the editing tool to customise your skin tone, hair, facial hair, eyes, and glasses.

When you are happy with your Yumoji, tap Save or Done. Got a new haircut or new glasses? No sweat! You can edit the appearance of your Yumoji any time!

Earn Rate

Tap the Earn Rate button at the top of the Yu screen to see details on your YuCoin earn rate. You can see exactly what affects your earn rate, as well as what you can earn for each in-app activity.

What is a Power-Up?

A power-up is any insurance product you own, whether from your employer or your own personal product (coming soon!). Power-ups will affect your YuCoin earn rate, simply tap on a product to learn more!

Employer Benefits

At the bottom of the Yu screen, you will see your current employer benefits. Each benefit acts as a power-up to your YuCoin earn rate. Tap on a benefit to view your policy number.

Current Level

In the top left corner of the Yu screen, you can see your current level and world in the Yuniverse. To climb the levels into new worlds, try completing a challenge on the quest screen every day.

Coming Soon: Personal Protection

Coming soon the YuLife app: personal protection! Soon you will be able to purchase additional coverage and protections tailored to you. Each additional protection will equip your Yumoji , and give you power-ups to your earn rate!

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