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How to reactivate a deactivated employee.

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If you have accidentally deactivated an employee or the employee is no longer leaving the company, you can void their deactivation if the inputted leave date is less than a month ago.

Voiding a deactivation will treat it as if it never happened. If the deactivation date has already passed, the employee’s access to the company benefits will be restored, and their deactivation date will be cleared.

The employee’s status in the HR Portal will be updated from 'deactivated' to 'active', and if any insurance cover was removed, it will be automatically reinstated.

Please note: This feature should not be used if you are re-employing a member who genuinely had a break in their employment. If this is the case, they need to be added as a new employee again.

How do I void the deactivation?

  1. Head to the People section on the left-hand side of the HR Portal.

  2. Tap on the option which shows your active user above the list of employees and select 'deactivated members'.

  3. Select the employee in which you would like to void the deactivation, a pop-up should appear on the screen. Tap 'void deactivation'; this will move the employee's account back to the active users list on the People page.

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