Getting your Team onboarded with YuLife
How to get your team fully launched on the YuLife app.
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What is Getting Started?

This is the first stage of your YuLife membership onboarding found in the "Getting Started" section of the HR Portal. This will guide you through the process of setting up YuLife with your company and getting your team on to the YuLife app.

Here's a video to walk you through the getting started section:

Do I have to go through each stage of the getting started section?

We suggest going through the getting started section when you are first onboarding your team. The getting started section allows you to book a 10 minute introduction session with your account manager, suggests a template and welcome pack for you to send and also gives you the ability to invite your team to an explainer session.

What is an explainer session?

An explainer session is a 20 minute introduction for your existing and new joiners which runs through the full YuLife membership - this includes the YuLife app, Insurance policy and GP/EAP services. We have availability on Tuesdays at 10am or Thursdays at 3pm. You can also view a recorded version of the explainer here.

How do my team nominate beneficiaries?

Your team can update their beneficiaries through the YuLife app, click here for a walk through to guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you have a beneficiary form you can send it to

Are beneficiary forms tracked?

All completed beneficiary forms are kept on file within YuLife with a date of completion. The number of beneficiary forms filled out are shown in your quarterly report

Can I add a trust to a beneficiary?

A trust can be set up for the claim to be paid into, this tends to happen when a beneficiary is under 18 - the money is held in that trust according to whatever rules are in place. This does not negate the requirement for the employer to have an appropriate trust in place or utilise the master trust. It would then be down to the trustees of that trust to verify beneficiaries etc. The trustee is not the beneficiary, the trust is and the money would be subject to whatever that trust has in place.

How do we get in touch with our account manager if we need a hand?

To contact your account manager drop us an email at

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