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What is Kena Health, who can access it, and how?

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What is Kena Health?

Kena Health gives YuLife members the ability to consult with a registered nurse or doctor on the Kena Health app. Kena Health is available 7 days a week, including public holidays, with no appointment required to use the service. Consultations can take place via text or via a voice or video call.

Kena Health's clinicians can provide a wide range of primary healthcare services, including:

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment plans

  • Prescriptions

  • Sick notes

  • Referrals

Who has access to Kena Health?

The Kena Health service is available to YuLife members and their families (including children from the age of 2).

Do I have to pay for Kena Health?

YuLifers automatically qualify for 2 free consultations per annum, these will show in your Kena Health wallet. Thereafter, standard consultations with a clinician cost R185 per consultation, while express consultations to get a prescription for common conditions, cost R120.

Please note, there may be additional costs for referrals.

How do I access Kena Health?

To access the Kena Health service, you will need to register using your South African ID number and phone number.

  1. Head to the Wellbeing Hub in the YuLife app (via the main menu in the top left-hand corner). Tap on Kena Health and scroll down to download the Kena Health app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Once you've downloaded the Kena Health app, tap 'Sign up' and fill in the required details to create your account.

  3. You're now signed up to use Kena Health! To find your two free consultation vouchers, tap on the More tab in the bottom right corner and tap 'My wallet'. You'll be able to access the voucher and its details from here. Also in the 'More' section, you'll be able to add a child to your account, should you wish to.

Who is providing the service?

This service is provided by Kena Health in partnership with Healthforce, a South African-based HealthTech company that improves healthcare through multidisciplinary clinical teams, led by nurses in over 450 clinics across the country.

If you require technical support with the Kena Health app, please contact them directly via or give them a call on 087 250 2257. Please note: medical enquiries are not available through these contact options. For any medical enquiries, please start a consultation through the Kena Health app.

If you have any questions or need any further help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the in-app chat, or at :-)

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