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What is Group Funeral Cover with YuLife SA?

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Group Funeral Cover provides money to a YuLife member’s family in the event of their death, helping to cover the costs towards their funeral in tragic circumstances. A company can choose a fixed lump sum up to R100 000. The member’s spouse and up to 5 children can also be covered. The option to receive an additional amount of up to R20 000 can also be selected to cover the cost of repatriating the body if required.

What is considered a spouse?

A spouse is the individual the member is married to as per South African law and under the following rules, provided the relevant affidavit is completed and signed:

  • Life partner

  • Marriage concluded under other tenets

  • Marriage concluded under the African culture

What is considered a child?

A child is an individual under the age of 21 and is the main member’s child or the spouse’s child and will be covered under a different surname to that of the main member, as long as the member completes the required affidavit and submits all necessary documents required to prove the member is the child’s official guardian.

How long is my child covered on the Funeral Cover?

YuLife covers up to 5 children on Funeral Cover until the child reaches 21 years of age. The child will automatically be removed from the cover when they turn 21. If the member’s child falls within any of the groups below, their child can be kept on cover for a further period if they meet the following requirements:

  • Their child is a full-time student – members must supply proof of full-time studies. Their child can be covered up until the age of 25 years if still studying full time, is unmarried and is wholly dependent on the member.

  • If their child is either mentally or physically incapacitated from maintaining themselves, and wholly dependent on the member, there is no age restriction of cover. If this is their current state, they need to supply relevant proof of condition.

How many spouses and children are covered under the YuLife Funeral Cover?

When family cover is requested, YuLife Funeral Cover includes cover for 1 spouse and up to 5 children.

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