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How to use and manage the Wellbeing hub
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What is the wellbeing hub?

The Wellbeing Hub is a repository where HR admins can display additional wellbeing services, employee benefits or short/long term campaigns for employees to be aware of. It's located on the navigation panel on the HR Portal.

Here is an overview of the Wellbeing Hub:

How do you add a new entry?

  1. Select "wellbeing hub" from the navigation panel.

  2. Click on "add new entry".

  3. Update the Service name and Description. You'll be able to preview this on the phone display to the right to make sure it looks perfect!

  4. Continue to the next page to fill in additional details and add buttons (such as for web links, email addresses, telephone numbers or free text).

We strongly recommend using an image for each item - this can be the logo of a service provider or a generic image. Below is an example of how a new entry appears in the YuLife app:

How do you delete an entry?

You can unpublish an entry at any time in the 'Manage Entries' section:

  1. Click on the item and go through to the full description section.

  2. Untick ‘publish entry’ item.

The item will no longer be able to be seen from within app but will stay in the 'Manage Entries' section so can be referenced at any time or edited and republished in future if needed.

What type of benefits go into the wellbeing hub?

You can add any additional benefit or services you offer. E.g. If you have an HR platform that the team uses, this can be added to the wellbeing hub so all the benefits can be accessed in one place. You can also publish short-term or long term campaigns, events or initiatives you are running for staff related to health and wellbeing.

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