When should a claim be submitted?

Claims should be submitted as soon as it is known about. Please note we cannot accept any claim received two years after date of death.

What do I need to submit a claim?

  • A completed Claim Form

  • Proof of Death

If the scheme is insured under our Master Trust we would also request a copy of the Beneficiary Form this will aid in the trustees' investigations as to how to make the payment to.

Who can complete and sign the claim forms?

Schemes held in their own Trust

The claim form can be completed by an internally authorised person however it must be signed by two trustees of the scheme or two signatories who have been authorised to act on their behalf. The Trustees can authorise several people to act on their behalf but we do need to be notified of who these people are and this information should be to submitted to us ahead of time, normally when a scheme goes on risk. This can easily be done by completing and returning an Authorised Signatory form.

Schemes in a Master Trust

The claim form can be completed by an internally authorised person however it needs to be signed by someone authorised to sign on behalf of the Principle Employer. We will use the signed application form to verify who is an authorised signatory. If there are other authorised signatures this can be easily notified to us by completing and returning an Authorised Signatory. This can be done when the scheme goes on risk.

Who are trustees?

Schemes held in their own Trust

A Trustee can either be a Corporate entity or a Group of named individuals, the type of trustee will be defined in the trust document.

Schemes in a Master Trust

The Trustee is PTL Governance Ltd. (PTL) is a professional independent trustee company.

Proof of Death

  • If the death happened in the Uk and a certified Copy of Entry of Death has been issued (death certificate) then we will look to use the on line death register. Please be aware that it can take up to 10 days for it to appear on the on line death register. Therefore if you are submitting claim in this period we would recommend the original death certificate is also sent (Due to HMSO directives relating to copyright, we are unable to accept photocopies of UK death certificates as proof). This will avoid any unnecessary delays in processing the claim.

  • If a death happened in the UK but a death certificate has not been issued we require a the original interim corners certificate

  • If the death happened abroad we require the original death certificate issued along with an English translation (if applicable)

We will send back all original certificates by recorded delivery within 3 days of receipt.

Where should payments be made?

  • Trustees bank account in the name of the scheme

  • Company bank account: To pay to a company bank account the trust would have to allow for this and we would require sight of the trust.

  • A Beneficiary: To pay to a Beneficiary we would require a “Trustee instruction to pay benefit to beneficiary” form.

Who decides the beneficiaries of the payment?

The Trustees use their discretion to decide who receives the payment, this is done in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules. They are not required to follow the deceased Beneficiary/ Expression of wish form or Will, these (if available) and other collected documentation will be taken in consideration when they make their decision.

How long will it take to settle the claim?

Schemes held in their own Trust

  • Upon receipt of all the required information payment will be made within 5 days by electronic transfer.

Schemes in a Master Trust

  • The period of time for us to approve a claim will remain unchanged. Once the claim is approved we make payment and send all the relevant claim information to PTL who are the Trustees of the scheme. On receipt, they start their investigation to determine who the payment should be made to (a copy of this process can be provided on request). The time taken to investigate depends on a number of different factors and is likely to require additional forms to be completed. This is likely to include a Beneficiary Investigation Form which needs to be completed by the person acting as the Personal Representative in dealing with the deceased’s affairs. These may also be required by other family members and a Beneficiary Authorisation form from all beneficiaries once a decision has been made.

How do I appeal if a claim is declined?

You should send an email to claims@yulife.com outlining the reason for the appeal and attaching any additional information. The claim will be reviewed by an appropriately qualified and experienced assessor who was not involved in the original claim decision. If the appeal process upholds the original decision contact details of the Financial Ombudsman Service will be provided.

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