How do you file a Group Life claim?

It’s simple to make a claim. Contact us at and we will
support you through the process. Our dedicated team will ensure claim
forms are sent to you as soon as possible to complete and sign.

How does YuLife pay Group Life claims?

Trust account details will be requested once the claim has been
submitted. The lump sum amount will be paid to the Trustees of the Group
Life policy and they will carry out their checks of the beneficiaries before
issuing the money. Alternatively, the Trustees may ask Yulife or one of our
Insurance Partners to pay the beneficiaries directly. If the policy is with
the Master Trust, the lump sum will be paid directly to the Master Trust.
They will then conduct their review of the beneficiaries prior to releasing
the lump sum payment.

What information is required to claim?

A copy of the death certificate may be required if the death has not yet
been registered on the online death register. If investigations are ongoing,
a copy of the interim Coroner’s certificate will be required. Proof of
earnings in the form of pay slips may also be required if there is more
then a 5% discrepancy in the salary prior to death compared with the membership data.

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