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Everything you need to know about making a GIP claim.

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When should I notify YuLife of a potential claim?

We ask that we are notified of an absence as soon as possible by contacting Week 4-5 of the absence is preferable so that early intervention can be implemented if appropriate to support a return to work prior to the claim
commencement date. Each of our Insurance Partners offer their own Rehabilitation Services.

When do I submit the claim forms?
Our dedicated claims team at YuLife will advise you on the next steps and when claim forms are required for completion once they have received notification of an absence. Claim forms can be returned direct to YuLife at or direct to the relevant Insurance Partner.

Who needs to complete and sign the claim forms?
In most instances, there are two claim forms that need to be completed. Employer claim form to be completed by the employer and signed by someone on behalf of the employer (normally HR). Please ensure that the bank details noted on the claim form belong to the employer and not the employee as benefit will be paid to the employer.

Employee claim form can be completed by someone on behalf of the employee but it must be signed by the employee themselves as they are signing to confirm that the information provided is accurate, consenting to sharing information and also requesting information in relation to the claim.

What information should I submit along with the claim forms?
If the employee has been seen by occupational health or any doctor and has any reports/correspondence following these reviews, please forward any copies you have along with the claim forms. It would also be helpful for us to be made aware of any performance issues or other work-related issues that may be contributing to the absence.

What happens when one of our Insurance Partners receives the claim

The relevant Insurance Partner will determine what additional information and medical evidence they need to request to help them assess the claim. In most cases this will be copies of General Practitioner’s records and any correspondence they hold in relation to their patient.

During the assessment process they may request additional information from treating doctors and occasionally they may require the employee to attend an independent medical examination (IME). It is important that the employee understands that they do need to attend this if they are asked because it will impact the decision on the claim if they don’t. An employee would not normally be asked to attend an IME if there was any indication in the medical evidence that they were not fit to do so.

Who does the payment go to?
If the claim is accepted the payment will go to the employer on a monthly basis and normally this is forwarded to the employee via payroll.

How long will it take to settle the claim?
This does depend on what information is required during the assessment process of the claim and how long it takes for our Insurance Partners to receive medical evidence from treating Doctors. However, upon receipt of all the required information a decision will be made within 5 working days and, if the claim is accepted, the payment will follow shortly afterwards.

How do I appeal if a claim is declined?
You should send an email to outlining the reason for the appeal and attaching any additional information. YuLife will provide the relevant Insurance Partner with the required information. The claim will be reviewed by an appropriately qualified and experienced Claims assessor who was not involved in the original claim decision. If the appeal process upholds the original decision, contact details for the Financial Ombudsman Service will

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