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What is the daily wellbeing and engagement with YuLife?

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  • Quests & Challenges: YuLife has over 200 levels to engage and inspire your team members, with daily quests and challenges to maintain and reward engagement.

    • Streaks: Complete a challenge 5-days in a row, receive bonus YuCoin

    • Chests: Unlock bonus YuCoin every 7 quests

    • Campaigns and Surges: Surges around key events throughout the year (e.g., World Health Day) where the amount of YuCoin a team member can earn increases

    • Weekly Quests: Complete three specific challenges per week to earn extra YuCoin from your weekly quest!

    • Yudoku: Our take on the popular numbers game, test your brain to earn extra YuCoin!

  • Earning of “YuCoin”: YuCoin is YuLife’s “currency of wellbeing” (reward currency) that team members earn for daily in-app activity including:

    • Daily steps: Improve physical wellbeing for any ability with a short stroll (5 minutes), brisk walk (10 minutes) or long walks (30 minutes)

    • Mindful minutes: Boost mental wellbeing with 3-10 minutes of mindfulness (such as breathing exercises or meditation)

    • Cycling: Earning additional YuCoin and boosting your physical and mental wellbeing made more exciting through cycling!

  • Reward Redemption: Redeem YuCoin, YuLife’s wellbeing currency, for amazing gift vouchers from brands like ASOS, Amazon, Nike and many more!

Digital Health App Integration: YuLife syncs with Google Fit, Samsung Health, Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, Withings and Strava.

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