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What insurance products are available through YuLife?

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  • Group Life Insurance: A tax-free lump sum will be provided to an employee’s beneficiaries (usually their dependents) in the event of death. Access a free-to-use probate helpline to navigate the potentially tricky legal, financial and tax issues resulting from a death.

  • Group Income Protection: YuLife takes a proactive approach to GIP with a Rehabilitation Support service that helps employees in the early stages of being absent from work to help speed up their recovery. All insured employees get access to Best Doctors which provides a valuable second medical opinion service for more serious medical conditions if needed as well as Proclaim Care. A vocational rehabilitation program to help employees get back to work when ready.

  • Group Critical Illness: A tax-free lump sum if an employee or their child becomes ill with one of the defined illnesses. 12 core illnesses covered with 29 additional illnesses available as an optional extra (for a small extra cost). Total permanent disability is included and employees will usually not be required to go through medical examinations or underwriting - so all eligible employees will be covered. Each claimant has a dedicated personal nurse adviser who can help them for as long as they need, providing expert advice and long-term emotional support.

  • Group Dental Insurance: Group Dental Insurance financially supports employees’ dental needs, including check-ups, preventative and restorative dental work, dental injuries, emergencies and oral cancer treatment, up to the value of the cover level. Group dental policies have the option to cover a single person, couple, single-parent family, and family (children up to 24yrs). Dental claims can be made directly from your Bupa dentist, or through your Bupa Touch account.

  • Group Health Insurance: One of the most highly sought-after employee benefits, it helps employers protect their businesses by protecting employees' health and wellbeing. There are plenty of different cover levels available, alongside services to support your employees' everyday wellbeing, with access to GPs and EAPs through BupaTouch.

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