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What are Duels and how do I do one?

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What are Duels?

Duels are 24-hour head-to-head step competitions against a friend. Sometimes bragging rights are enough, but if you want to up the ante you can propose a YuCoin wager of 10, 25, 50, 100 YuCoin.

How to set a Duel

1. To challenge someone to a duel head to the leaderboard. From here you can either tap someone’s name to challenge them to a Duel, or head to the Duels page in the top right corner.

2. In Duels, click "Challenge a friend".

3. Type their name, then tap to set the Duel.

3. Chose your wager, from bragging rights to 100 YuCoin if you’re feeling confident.

4. Send the Duel invitation, and tap confirm.

How to view your existing Duels

Head to Duels in the top right-hand corner of the leaderboard. In the active tab you’ll be able to see the progress of today’s Duels, invitations you've sent, and Duels you’ve got lined up for tomorrow. Make sure you respond to any Duel invitations or else they'll expire overnight! Responding will let you see the terms of the Duel before accepting or declining.

In the completed tab you can see all your past Duels, winnings, and final step counts.

Why can’t I see the winner yet?

When the Duel ends we want to make sure we’ve counted all the steps. If you see a Duel that says ‘Waiting for steps to sync’ it means we’re waiting on a final step count from either you or your opponent.

To make sure your steps are up to date and counted in the Duel head to the activity history and pull the page down to refresh. Once you and your opponent have done this the Duel will complete and we will crown the winner. Duels automatically complete after 3 days with the last known step count.

YuCoin Wagers

You have the option to wager 10, 25, 50, or even 100 YuCoin! If you’d rather Duel for bragging rights, that’s ok too!

Once you set or accept a Duel for YuCoin, that wager will automatically be deducted from your YuCoin total. We’ll keep it safe until the winner is declared and then award the wager.

Trouble accessing Duels?

To access Duels make sure you’re on the latest version of the YuLife app and that you’ve opted into your company's leaderboard. Click here if you need a hand joining your team leaderboard.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please reach out to us using your in-app chat, or at :-)

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