What is YuMatter?

YuMatter is a confidential employee assistance programme, delivering employee and manager support. It is designed to provide an engaging, useful, everyday support service for your team.

YuMatter provides you access to a wide range of information and support, including:

•Structured clinical counselling – provides face-to-face or phone based short-term structured counselling. As long as it is remains short-term (EAP appropriate) YuMatter will support you with the amount of sessions required be it 2 or 10.
•Everyday work-life queries – supports individuals with any issues affecting their work-life balance.
•Help with dependent care - supports individuals with all aspects of being a carer.
•Legal information and support - qualified legal professionals available to provide information on a variety of legal matters.
•Financial Support - money advisers available to support people facing financial challenges.
•Career coaching – one-off telephone session providing advice on career development.
•Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – complements the clinical counselling where needed.

Who has access to YuMatter?

YuLifers are opted in to YuMatter by their employer. You can check the Wellbeing Hub section of your YuLife app to see what services you have available. Access to YuMatter will stop upon leaving employment or on the policy cease date. YuMatter services are available to all your immediate family which includes partners, parents, siblings and children.

How do YuLifers get access to YuMatter? 

Once cover has started, we will send the employer a welcome email with more information about the YuMatter service, along with website, login details and the telephone number needed to access the service. You can also access these details in the YuLife app anytime in the Wellbeing Hub.

Who provides the YuMatter service?

We are able to offer through our partnership with Workplace Solutions.

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