What is YuMatter?

YuMatter is a confidential employee assistance programme, delivering employee and manager support. It is designed to provide an engaging, useful, everyday support service for your team. Below are the elements to this healthcare service:

  • Mental health experts

  • Short-term clinical counselling

    • Initial assessment consultation and then up to 4 follow-up sessions

  • Computerised CBT

  • Legal & financial information

  • Life coaching

  • Mindfulness programme

  • Bereavement counselling

  • Manager Assist

  • Rapid response (at a fee - employer instigated and funded)

Who has access to YuMatter?

YuLifers are opted-in to YuMatter by their employer. The service is also available to partners, siblings, parents and children (from 8 upwards).

How do YuLifers get access to YuMatter? 

To access YuMatter, you will need your policy number. Your policy number can be found in the Wellbeing Hub, accessed via the main menu of the YuLife app.

You can request services via the website, email: assistance@workplaceoptions.com, or telephone: 0800 243 458.

Who provides the YuMatter service?

YuMatter is provided in partnership with Workplace Options.

If you have any questions or need any further help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the in-app chat, or at support@yulife.com :-)

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