This article is about how to connect to your phone's health apps. For help with syncing your Garmin, please click here. For help with FitBit, please click here.

What Apps Do I Need?

The YuLife app needs to connect to Google Fit or Apple Health in order to reward you for daily steps and challenges. For Android users, you must have Google Fit downloaded to your phone. Even if you are using a wearable such as Garmin or Fitbit, you will still need to grant permissions to your phone's health app. *please note, Samsung users must also use Google Fit*

If you are using a mindfulness app such as Calm, you will need to make sure it is connected to your phone's health app. You can find help here.

Connecting your health app varies depending on the kind of device you use, so we are going to break this article down into Apple Phones and Android Phones.

Apple Phones

The YuLife app uses Apple Health to track daily steps and mindfulness minutes. This article addresses how to connect YuLife to Apple Health, and your phone's Motion and Fitness.

For First Time Users:

  1. Open your YuLife app, and login.

  2. The first screen you should see is the one shown below. Tap "Let's connect," and continue with the app intro.

3. This will take you to the following screen, where you will need to toggle on your Steps and Mindfulness minutes, and tap "Allow"

4. Finally, you should see the following pop-up, and tap OK, this will allow YuLife to use your phone's pedometer for things like challenges.

Troubleshooting Apple

If you are not sure if YuLife is connected properly, you can take the following steps to check: Go to your phone's Settings, and scroll down to Privacy. Here you can check either Health, and/or Motion & Fitness to make sure that YuLife is toggled on in both!

Also check your Apple Health permissions, tap your photo on the top right hand corner, then under Privacy click on Apps. Select YuLife and make sure both Mindfulness Minutes and Steps are toggled on.

If you still aren't sure what's wrong, feel free to drop us a note via the app or at

Android Phones

YuLife connects to Google Fit to gather steps and mindfulness data. If you don't already have it on your phone head to the Play store to download it, once it's installed here's how you connect up to YuLife.

  1. Open your YuLife app, and login.

  2. The first screen you should see is the one shown below. If you already have Google Fit tap "Let's connect" and continue with the app intro. If not, head to the Play store to download Google Fit before continuing, then come back to YuLife to carry on connecting up.

3. Important: make sure, if you have multiple Google accounts, that you connect whichever account to which you plan on connecting your other health apps.

Troubleshooting Android

Due to the variations of Android models and operating systems, the steps to check google fit will vary slightly from phone to phone. To check that google fit is syncing to your phone, go into your phone settings and look for accounts and sync settings. The screen should look similar to this:

If you have the Google Fit app downloaded on your phone, you can also check your settings directly in the app. Open the Google Fit app and tap on Settings, and then Manage Connected Apps.

You can find additional Google Fit resources on their support site here.

If you have double checked all your health app settings, and are still experiencing issues, please don't hesitate to reach out ask us a question :-)

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