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Personal Protection - Dental Insurance πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Dental Insurance with YuLife

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YuLife has partnered with Bupa to offer YuLifers the opportunity to purchase Dental Insurance.

This will be separate to any other cover you may have with your employer, and includes bonuses such as an increased YuCoin power, higher daily limits and more! If you decide to leave your current employer and have dental or any other personal cover, you will still have access to the YuLife app and all its benefits.

How do I purchase dental insurance with YuLife?

  1. To purchase dental insurance, head to the 'Yu' screen of your app and select the 'Fill the gap with Dental' icon.

    Please note: If this option isn't showing on your Yu screen your employer may have opted out of this.

  2. Here you'll be able to select a pair of gloves for your YuMoji, read more info, and browse cover level options. Select the plan that suits you best and click 'continue'.

  3. You'll then be taken to a summary page - when you've read through, scroll down and select 'continue to checkout'. Then follow through the series of checkout steps.

  4. Finally, add your payment details and select 'purchase cover'.

    For more help with dental please head to the 'Yu' tab of the app, select 'dental' and scroll down to 'FAQs'. Alternatively, please reach out via the in-app chat, website chat, or at

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