• Daily Steps: The app connects to Google Fit or Apple Health, and for every step you take you earn YuCoin, which is YuLife’s wellbeing currency.

  • Quests: Employees can take a wellbeing challenge everyday on the Quests page for extra YuCoin. By finishing a quest, they move up the levels and worlds and get the chance to complete more than one challenge per day

  • Leaderboard: Employees can choose to opt into their company leaderboard, and start their own leaderboards with colleagues to compete with one another

  • Duels: Employees can can select other people within the leaderboard and challenge them to a steps Duel, these will allow the two individuals to complete the most steps achieved within a particular time period

  • Discounted Gym and Fitness Membership: 33% off Hussle membership providing employees with access to hundreds of gyms, and 14-day free trial and 25% off premium membership to FiiT, # 1 rated fitness app

  • Discounted Wearables: Up to 40% off Garmin and 22% off Fitbit devices

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