As part of their YuLife membership,  your employees are covered by a life insurance policy and also have access to our wellbeing app. When an employee joins or leaves the company you will need to add or remove them from both.

How do I add employees to our YuLife dashboard?

YuLife is super flexible, you can add members to your YuLife dashboard at any point when you have new starters join your team so they can get started in the Yuniverse straight away. 

How do I remove employees from our YuLife dashboard?

The admin user of your account can remove users from their YuLife Team Portal by selecting the leaver, then clicking deactivate at the top of the page.

Next it will ask you to set the leave date for the employee. Make sure they have spent any accrued YuCoin, once they're deactivated they will no longer have access to the app.

Updating your policy 

Employees cease to be covered by your life insurance policy as soon as they leave the company. To ensure your policy information is up to date AIG will request a data refresh once a year. This will give you the opportunity to let them know of any company joiners and leavers, as well as any salary changes to make sure you are billed correctly. 

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