For Good Causes is a company helping make it easier to donate to charities in the UK. You can choose ANY UK-registered charity, and turn your YuCoin into real £'s for your favourite cause. Here's how:

  1. In the rewards section of your YuLife app, purchase a voucher for For Good Causes using YuCoin.
  2. Tap "get voucher," or wait for a voucher email. On your voucher, copy the code found under "gift code".

3. In your browser, go to the For Good Causes website. Scroll down to the "Donate below" box, and paste your Gift Code voucher. Start typing the name of your preferred charity, and select from the dropdown list. Tap/click "Donate Now"

4. If it is your first time on the For Good Causes website, you will need to register an account. Fill in your details, and tap/click "Next".

5. Check your email, and click the activation link.

6. The link will redirect you to the following page. Check that the charity you have selected is correct, and if everything looks right, tap/click "Make Donation."

7. That's it! You just turned your steps and mindfulness minutes into real £'s to help the causes you love!

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