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How to redeem your Farewill reward and get started.

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Farewill is only available to customers who have an insurance product on their account, and if they live in England or Wales.

Farewill is changing the way we deal with death, forever. Simple and affordable digital wills you can update any time, to protect the big (and little) things that matter in life. Sign up and complete your will in minutes, with live support 7 days a week and every will checked by a specialist.

As a YuLifer, you can create a personal or joint will for free, with unlimited edits in the first month (thereafter, Β£10 for single, or Β£20 for joint will's per year).

It takes about 30 minutes to get started, and you can start straight from the YuLife app.

  1. Open your YuLife app, and tap the rewards icon in the bottom menu.

2. Scroll down the list of rewards and select Farewill.

3. On the next page it will show you the redemption instructions, click 'claim reward'.

4. Next, select your location. If you are in England or Wales you'll be taken to the Farewill website to fill in your details. If you're in Scotland or Northern Ireland we will ask for your contact details and call you shortly to complete your will.

5. If you're in England or Wales select 'Write my will' then click 'Let's get started' to start writing your will. Fill in some preliminary questions, including your name, email and a password. Once you've set this you can save your progress and return at any point to complete your will.

6. Follow their super easy prompts to fill in all the necessary information.

7. Once you have completed your will click 'Purchase and send for checking'.

8. On the final page enter the YuLife code, this will discount the payable amount to Β£0! You can find the discount code in the YuLife app, just head to Farewill in the Rewards page of the app.

9. That's it, you just created your will.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please reach out to us using your in-app chat or at support@yulife.com :-)




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