Filing a Claim if You Have Group Life

It’s simple to make a claim. Contact us and we’ll generate a claim form for you which you can then complete and sign. Our dedicated team will support you through the claims process. So, if you do have any questions, please call us on 0330 303 9973.

How We Pay Group Life Claims
Via Pitmans Trustee Limited (PTL). If the policy is in the AIG Group Master Trust or the Excepted Life Trust, the lump sum will be paid to PTL Governance Limited, the professional trustees who oversee both trusts. They will contact the employer, next of kin and legal representative(s), collect information about the personal circumstances and arrange payment to the most appropriate beneficiaries. If a nomination of beneficiary form has been completed, this will be taken into account by the trustees, however, it is important to remember it is not binding.

Filing a Claim if you have YuLife

We will need to be informed of a claim as soon as possible. The best way to contact us is by phone at 020 8168 0082 or by email at
A certified copy of the death certificate will need to be provided for the claim to be processed (with the exception of terminal illness and funeral expenses claims).

Your claim will then be assessed and your legal representative will be notified of the results.

How We Pay YuLife Claims

After a claim has been accepted, your legal representative will be notified.

If your insurance is held in the YuLife master trust (at the time of writing, only insurance paid for by your employer will be held in the YuLife master trust), the claim will be paid to the trustee we have appointed for onward distribution.  The trustee has the discretion to choose how to distribute a claim it receives to your relatives and loved ones.  However, you have the opportunity to tell the trustee the individuals and registered charities you would like any claim to be paid to (and the proportion of the claim to be paid to each) in your members' area.  In the ordinary course, the trustee will follow your expression of wish.

If your insurance is not held in the YuLife master trust, our insurance partner will liaise with your legal representative to arrange the payment of the claim.  Unless you have otherwise put the insurance in trust, the claim will be paid into your estate to be distributed with your other assets.

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