Generally, yulife and yulife lite are available to all UK residents. However, there are some restrictions around business type, employee occupation, and employee age.

Excluded Business Types

-Sole traders with no employees
-An equity partner or partnership
-An equity member of a Limited Liability Partnership

Excluded Occupations

-Armed forces, territorial army, and reserves
-Commercial diving
commercial aviation (pilots and crew)
-Offshore work including gas or oil platforms
-Offshore fishing

Age Limits

Minimum age for joining: 18
Maximum Age for joining: 69
Maximum age for membership: 75

Health History

Some members will not be eligible for the full life insurance included in yulife membership based on their answers to our 8 health and lifestyle questions. e.g Their medical history reveals a serious pre-existing condition. If that's the case, they'll receive accidental death cover of £250k (unless they are over 60—in that case we'll ensure their package is better than yulife lite).

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